Strep A Self Test Kit

Quick and easy way to get accurate results within minutes

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Dealing with a persistent sore throat, fever, or swollen lymph nodes? These symptoms could indicate a Strep A infection. Our Strep A Test Kit offers a fast and accurate diagnosis, essential for prompt and effective treatment. Early identification helps prevent further health issues and alleviates your discomfort. Instead of waiting, confirm your condition with our test and seek immediate medical attention.

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If you’re experiencing a sore throat or other symptoms of a possible infection it might be nothing of note and you could be back to normal in just a few days. But equally, it could be Strep A.

It’s important to know whether you have Group A Streptococcus (GAS) bacteria, commonly known as Strep A, as catching this bacterial infection early is crucial to prevent serious complications. Issues that can arise include pneumonia, streptococcal toxic shock syndrome and scarlet fever. A strep throat infection can also be very sore – though not always.

Fortunately, an at-home Strep A testing kit is a quick and easy way to get accurate results within minutes.

Our kits offer an easy and convenient solution to determine whether you have a Strep infection. Testing is especially important during the colder months when cases of Strep A increase, and many people experience cold, flu or sore throats. Catching the infection early can prevent severe complications and reduce the risk of the infection spreading.

All of our kits are made by leading brands, some of which are regularly featured in round-ups of popular home health testing kits in the UK media. We are committed to quality, and have partnered with some of the most reliable manufacturers in the market.


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