Prostate Health Self Test Kit

Detects PSA levels in the blood

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Facing urinary difficulties, such as trouble initiating urination, a weak stream, or frequent night-time urination? These may be prostate health indicators. Our Prostate Test Kit measures PSA levels, critical for assessing prostate condition. Early detection is essential for effective management. Focus on your prostate health for a better quality of life.

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Key Features:
  • 98.60% accuracy
  • CE marked and MHRA certified
  • Results in 5 minutes
  • Professional use
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The Newfoundland Prostate Health Self Test Kit has been carefully developed for home use under the guidance of a medical professional or within a medical facility, such as a clinic. This kit effectively detects prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels in the blood.

By analysing a small drop of blood obtained from your finger, this test allows you to determine if there are elevated levels of PSA in your sample. PSA serves as a valuable and significant tumour marker for prostate cancer, as well as for detecting prostate infection or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

Our at-home test kit boasts an exceptional accuracy rate, nearing 99%, and delivers results within just five minutes. If you receive a positive result, it is crucial to promptly consult with your doctor for further investigation and guidance.

The Newfoundland Prostate Health Self Test Kit empowers you to proactively monitor your prostate health in the comfort of your own home, providing reliable results and facilitating timely medical intervention when necessary.

Specimen collection & preparation

The Prostate health test can be performed using whole blood (from venipuncture or fingerstick), serum or plasma.

To collect fingerstick whole blood specimens:

  1. Wash the patient’s hand with soap and warm water or clean with an alcohol swab, then allow to dry. Massage the hand without touching the puncture site by rubbing down the hand towards the fingertip of the middle or ring finger.
  2. Puncture the skin with a sterile lancet. Wipe away the first sign of blood.
  3. Gently rub the hand from wrist to palm to finger to form a rounded drop of blood over the puncture site.
  4. Add the fingerstick whole blood specimen to the test by using a capillary tube: Touch the end of the capillary tube to the blood until filled to approximately 80uL. Avoid air bubbles.
  5. Place the bulb onto the top end of the capillary tube, then squeeze the bulb to dispense the whole blood to the specimen area of the test cassette.
  6. Separate serum or plasma from blood as soon as possible to avoid hemolysis.

Testing should be performed immediately after the specimens have been collected.

Our Prostate Testing Kit contains everything you need to test PSA levels in the blood. There is no need to send off the sample to a lab to obtain the results.

Inside the box you will find:

  • 2 x alcohol swab
  • 2 x lancet
  • 2 x capillary tube
  • 2 x test cassette
  • 2 x tube of buffer solution
  • 1 x set of instructions


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