Bowel Health Self Test Kit

Can help with the early detection of bowel cancer

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Worried about irregular bowel movements, abdominal discomfort, or unexplained weight fluctuations? These might point to bowel health concerns. Our Bowel Health Test Kit is designed to uncover symptoms of conditions like IBS or colorectal problems. Knowing the state of your bowel health is crucial for digestive wellness. Don’t overlook these signs; our test can provide reassurance or guide you towards necessary treatments.

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The Newfoundland Bowel Health Home Self Test Kit has been specifically designed to detect the presence of blood in your stool. If blood is detected during the test, it is strongly advised to consult with your GP, who can then conduct further investigations to identify the underlying cause.

Various diseases and conditions, including bowel cancer, can result in the presence of blood in the stool. A positive result indicating the presence of blood provides GPs with an opportunity to investigate and address the root cause of the issue.

Gastrointestinal problems such as ulcers, polyps, diverticulitis, fissures, and colon cancer can all contribute to the presence of blood in the stool. Detecting these conditions at an early stage is crucial, as it greatly increases the chances of successful treatment.

By using the Newfoundland Bowel Health Home Self Test Kit, you empower yourself to proactively monitor your bowel health. Early detection of any abnormalities can lead to timely medical intervention, ensuring the best possible outcomes. Take control of your health and engage in preventive measures with this reliable and convenient at-home testing solution.

Gathering and testing your stool sample

  1. First secure the collection paper provided to the toilet – you’ll see adhesive tabs on the paper to help you do this.
  2. Defecate on the paper, being careful not to contaminate it with urine.
  3. To take a sample of the stool using the blue applicator provided in the collection tube. Insert the applicator in at least three different places to ensure it is well coated. Note: you don’t need a large sample – just try and coat the tip as best you can.
  4. Screw the applicator back into the test tube. Make sure it’s a tight fit, then shake the tube to mix your stool sample with the liquid in the tube.
  5. Flush the stool down the toilet.
  6. Open the foil pouch and take out the test strip.
  7. Unscrew the lid on the other end of the test tube and break off the tip of the dropper.
  8. Now gently squeeze out 8-10 drops of the liquid onto the reaction tube

Our Bowel Health Test Kit contains everything you need to take a stool sample and test it in the privacy of your own bathroom.


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